Welcome to our new Canadian Store!  You can now pay in CAD
(base price is $14USD – Calculated from XE.COM)
Conversion rate will be adjusted only if the price difference exceeds $0.50


** 1 Connection at a time Per Account **  All packages include VOD and CATCH-UP

1 Month   = $18.45 cad
3 Month’s = $55.37 cad
6 Month’s = $100.20 cad
(Base Price us USD converted to CAD)

Plus Package
:  All English channels only

Premium Package: Has all Of the English Streams in the PLUS package, as well as  supported international streams (package temp. unavailable)

Max Package: Has all of the English Streams and the premium Supported international streams, as well as some unsupported international streams (unsupported means, we have no control over them, they are “as is” )

Supported Streams:  USA, Canada, UK Streams (Arabic, french and German streams are offline indefinitely due to unreliable sourcing issues beyond our control)
Unsupported Streams:  Latin, South Asian