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Perfect Player Tweaks/Customization:

Perfect player EpicStream/UltraBox/FireFly TV easy setup:
If you want to make your set up of Perfect player easy, below is the link for a back up file that will load everything and have the customization’s started. All you need to do is load it into perfect player, first extract the file, and transfer the extracted file by using an SD card or USB Drive to transfer it, or alternately Email it to yourself.

Download it Here: FireFlyTV-UltraBox-easyinstall_04-05-2018
** updated with catchup added **
Note: Current Perfect Player users, this will reset all of your previous settings, you’ll lose your favorites etc..

1. Once emailed, open your email app on your device and download the attachment and it should naturally save it to your download folder, if not select the download folder as the destination.

2. After that file is saved to your download folder, open Perfect Player and go into the settings, under “defaults” select “Restore” and it will ask you to locate the file you  just downloaded which should be in your downloads folder. select it and it will configure Perfect Player for you.

3. Once Perfect Player opens up and loads the file, now go into the General settings and edit the playlist URL and the EPG URL and simply add your username and password to both URL’s and you are all set.

Adding Logo’s: 
Open perfect player settings, click on Advanced, and select “Logos Assign Mode” and now back right out of the setting page all the way to the guide, you will see that the guide will now refresh and look something like this:

on the left you have the channels, on the right the alphabetically listed logo files select the channel you want to find a logo for on the left, and on the right, use the arrows at the top to get to the right letter you want, and scroll for the appropriate logo, double-click or hit enter once it’s selected and it will load the icon/logo for that channel, repeat for the channels you want logos added to.

Missing EPG for a certain channel(s)?:
No episode guide info available on a certain channel? You can go into the settings, select advanced and check off “EPG Assign Mode” then back completely out of the settings page and back into the main page where the guide would be and it will load a new list, again, on the left are the channels, and on the right is the episode guide link, you need to select the channel you want and when you do, technically you should see the same channel on the right, if you don’t you need to scroll that right side and find the matching entry (sometimes they are spelled slightly differently, which is why perfect player did not pick up on the link) so you will need to manually select the matching link on the right by double clicking on it to select it and pressing OK, repeat this for all the channels you are concerned about, if a channel is in red, that means there is nothing available for that channel, so move on. once you’re done, go back into the setting and de-select “EPG Assign Mode” and back right out and back to the guide, it should reload and you should see the new EPG info next to the channels that is if you selected the right link.

As you see in the picture, when you select the channel it will pull up the associated channel data link on the right, if the association is incorrect, search for the right one and select it by double clicking on it or pressing enter/OK button on your remote. Note: If the channel is in red, then there is no data available if you have any EPG issues, then please report the issue on the Facebook page, there is a pinned post for EPG issues.

Favorite channel’s:
One of the best features in Perfect player is your ability to create an endless list of favorite channels, considering there are over 1800 channels available, creating a favorites list really enhances you experience as you can filter the view of the episode guide to show only the channels you care about, so it eliminates endless scrolling etc. If you want to use this feature simply go to the EPG in perfect player and press the sub menu or menu button depending on your remote. you should see a small sub menu pop up, scrolling down this list you will see “add to favorites” so exit out of it, scroll the episode guide to the channel you want to add to your favorite list (but don’t press enter/OK just remain in the guide with the channel highlighted and call up the sub menu again, scroll down to “add to favorites” and select it. it will add a heart icon next to the channel which will indicate it’s been Favorited. You can re-perform this action with all of your favorite channels, and then you can go back into that sub-menu again and this time scroll to the bottom and select “show favorites”, perfect player will now only show your favorite channels!

Adaptive sorting:
To filter your list even more, you can select in that sub menu “Adaptive Sorting”, what this feature does is it organizes your channels in order of which ones you frequent the most, though it’s probably better to turn it on after a few days or week of service, this feature and the favorite channels features really make this IPTV app amazing.

if you want to make your set up of Perfect player fast and easy, below is the link for a back up file that will load everything and have the customization’s started. all you need to do is load it into perfect player then go into the setting and edit the playlist URL and the EPG URL and simply add your username and password to both URL’s and you are all set.

Backing up your setup:
This is a super handy feature that will save your entire set up and customization’s so if you ever have to re-install PP or set up a new device, this will make it a really simple transition. Within the settings page, scroll down to “defaults” and you will see backup and restore, just backup your settings as often as you wish, store them on a SD card to be safe or your downloads folder.

Auto start-up:
Do you want Perfect player to start when you boot up and have your device boot right into Perfect player? well Perfect player has a setting in the GUI settings, that simply says “Auto Start at Boot Up” select that, and the next time you restart your device it will go right into Perfect Player and the guide just like a cable/satellite box! 

If you want it to start on the last channel you were on, you can set that there too. Look in the Playback Settings.

Playback Issues:
If you are having playback issues, stuttering, buffering etc. Perfect Player allows you to select the type of decoder and change the buffer size, you can even change the decoder on a per channel basis too. Under the playback settings you can choose from several types of decoders, to keep this short, Auto is my first choice and is your best default decoder, HW+ is my second choice, then Hardware, and if you have a slow connection, you can try SW. generally I would only play with these settings if you are having playback issues. Buffer settings are pretty straightforward, you can choose 1 through 4, 1 being the smallest, and 4 the largest buffer.

Catchup Service:

Perfect Player now allows you to access catchup services, and it works very well, to set it up, you just have to edit yyour playlist URL and add this at the very end of it (no space) |catchup=xc so your playlist url should look like this:|catchup=xc

Accessing it is pretty simple as you can see below, just Select the channel in the guide, pull up the menu and select archive.

*NEW* EPG Preview 
As many of us have been used to, perfect player used to only show while in the EPG, the channel preview would be in the background with the timeline grid on top of it, well that feature still exists, but they have now also added the cable box style preview option as you can see in the image below.

Now you have a preview at the bottom left and the show description to the right of it with the channel timeline on top. to activate the new preview mode, call up the EPG, once you have the EPG open, press the menu button on your remote, now you should see that familiar sub-menu, now select “preview” and you will see the EPG change.

*NEW* Auto change channel/Program Notify
One of my favorite features of this app is this, you can now pre program your entire evening of TV to change the channel automatically just before the show starts, this way you will never miss anything.
If you want to watch a show later on another channel, simply call up the EPG and scroll to the channel you will be switching to, now on your remote hold down the right arrow and you will see the cursor move one show ahead, keep performing this until the cursor is on the show you want it to change to.

now press the menu button and when he submenu opens, select “Notify of a Programme”, select that and now you will see a small bell to the right of the how you selected.

With approx. 30 seconds before the show starts, a small option window will pop up reminding you of the channel change and giving you the option to cancel. If you ignore it, the channel will change automatically.

Perfect player companion app:
Perfect player also has a very handy remote app that lets you control perfect player via tablet or phone or broadcast using Chromecast, it’s  called Perfect Cast. It has a full episode guide as well. You can get both Perfect Player and Perfect Cast app at the Google Play Store.