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EpicStream NEWS!


July 2019

– CRAVE TV 1-3 FHD Added!

May 19 2019

Epicstream (esplayer) version 2.1  Released!

Download from www.epicstreamapps.com or fast download @ www.esplayer.biz

WHATS NEW WITH Version v2.1 

  1.  New Theme Fully Designed Layout
  2. New Speed Download Link ( esplayer.biz)
  3.  4K Support
  4.  Added Native player
  5.  Recently Watched category added in VOD series section
  6.  Autoplay feature in series and movies
  7.  Bug fixes
  8.  EPG issue in M3U Fixed
  9.  Minor Language issues Fixed
  10.  EPG Scrolling issue fixed
  11.  Edit User Feature Added
  12.  EPG Speed Optimization
  13.  Ads Removed on TV Screen + Minor Bug Fixes
  14.  Italian Language Support
  15.  Speed Optimization in Live TV Section
  16.  [New] – Support M3U File / URL
  17.  Arrangements – You can move groups around for better organization.
  18.  VOD: Watch Trailer – ability to watch the trailer for Movies and Series as well.
  19.  VOD: Recently Watched – New Section that will have the movies or series that has been watched.
  20.  VOD: Resuming Video – it brings the ability for the user to resume the video where they left it before. (From within recently watched category)
  21.  Hardware and Software Recording ( Major Update) – Now, we have updated our native player that support hardware and software decoding.
  22.  Sorting options for Categories
  23.  Sorting features for LIVE
  24.  Reconnects recording if it fails
  25.  Recording in SD Card and External/Internal Storage
  26.  Arabic RTL support
  27.  Movies Info Section Improved
  28.  Player Selection – It gives the ability to change the media player permanently from the setting sections