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ALL Setup Guides can be found on our main support site:

EpicStream Android App – – (The easiest way to use our service, just install, type in your username and password, and you’re done…)

Perfect Player:

Channel down? EPG showing wrong info? Service quality related issues? Please check the support forum, you can also make them aware of any service quality related issues too. please go here: – (separate registration required to access)

Want a super easy way to set up your Perfect Player for FireFly TV? This is partially customized and tweaked Back up File, load it into Perfect player and just enter your username and passwords, no tedious copying of long URL’s, go here: Perfect Player Easy SetUp

Perfect Player Customization Guide – go here:

Technical Support issues? – Please submit a Support ticket using the form below


Want to ask a question before you buy?
Please join us at on our Forum and you can find all the help you need there: – (separate registration required to access)

If you need advice on the service or have any general questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or by checking our Forum page for system info, updates and Channel issues etc. (separate registration required)



NOTE: If this is a service quality related issue, like a channel being offline or and EPG issue, please go to the forum to submit your issue, you can report ALL service related issues there for a MUCH faster response. These tickets below are for Sales, setup and connectivity issues only. For service quality related issues, please check here:

Having technical issues? before you submit a ticket, please kindly consider the following as we will likely ask you to do this first before we start troubleshooting, as Troubleshooting is a process of elimination, so please help us help you by trying the following first.

  • Restart ALL network devices – Routers, modems, IPTV device (mag box, android tv boxes etc.
  • WIFI connections can be very fragile, and tend to make streaming IPTV unreliable, we do not recommend using WIFI to stream our service, please consider a wired connection for the ultimate quality and reliability.
  • Using a VPN? turn it off and try connecting with it off, we support VPN’s but sometimes they have issues which can affect your service.
  • clear the caches of your devices and apps
  • Buffering issues? contact us, we can provide a alternate link if you are using an older playlist URL ending in M3U, delete the “ts” at the end of your playlist link and replace it with “m3u8” ( =ts change to =m3u8 )

If you are going to submit a ticket for help with a technical issue, please kindly provide the following:
– Device type and model? (smart tv, android box appletv, MAG etc.)

– What app are you using?
– WiFi or wired/direct connection?


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